[REVIEW] Peripera Airy Ink Velvet 10 Dry Rose Brown

September 11, 2018

Who likes to use lip tint? I'm sure most of teenage girl or even women like to use it, because they find it easier to apply lip tint on their lips and lip tint usually stays longer than lip creams and lipsticks.

Today I'm going to recommend one of my favorite lip tints. I normally don't go around using lip tint or any other lip products, I usually go bare lips. But this lip tint gives me that kind of feeling, the feeling and color of bare lips. Well, not exactly bare lips color, but I will explain it latter, so keep reading~.

The lip tint I'm fond of is called Peripera Airy Ink Velvet. I bought this on Charis, a website to buy Korean beauty products. You can say that I imported this product from Korea, the origin of Peripera Airy Ink Velvet that I bought is from Korea. So because the origin of the product and shipments is from Korea, you can rest assured that this product that Charis sells is 100% ORIGINAL, you don't even need to doubt about that. What I also like about Charis is that their shipment from Korea to Indonesia is very fast! It only takes for about 4 until 7 days for the product to arrive safely in front of your door.

Let's discuss about the packaging first. Charis ships their products to their customers inside a box, a very strong one, and their pack the products with thick bubble wraps. Like I said before, you can rest assured that your items will arrive safely if you buy it at Charis.

The packaging of Peripera Airy Ink Velvet alone is very cute!! I bought shade 10 Dry Rose Brown and it has a pink box with gray color on the back side. The pink is that cute velvety pink, not the shocking pink one, and this kind of pink always gives me a calming effect, because you know, it's a cute one!! 

Inside the box, you get the Peripera Airy Ink Velvet of course. There's nothing special about the packaging, maybe the shape is a little bit unique, but not much. They have a nice applicator. It helps with applying the tint to your lips

When I look at the color, I immediately fell in love with the color. Then when I swatch it on my hand, I know that I love the color. I love the color because it has a hint of a bit darker shade of pink, a little hint of brown and even purple. It really has the color of dusty pink which I really like.

However, when I apply it on my lips, its's less than what I expected. The color is really pink! Well, at least it's not a shocking pink or a bright one. But the color is still less that what I expected. This Dry Rose Brown shade has pink color, but not that the dark pink that I expected, it's literally pink. This product has a quite nice pink, a natural one that you can use for going to school, it still has the kind of bare lips vibe. I usually only spot a little bit of the tint and tap it with my finger all over my lips, so it looks like I use nothing, only a healthy-looking-pink lips.

After I applied the Peripera Airy Ink Velvet on my lips, I find this lip tint very special because it gives the real velvety finish, dries very quick, and it doesn't make my lips feel dry. It feels very light on my lips, I don't even realize I have tint on my lips, very light, maybe that's why it's called "airy". It's also got that velvety feels, it feels really smooth on my lips and makes my lips look soft. It doesn't feel dry on my lips. But this tint is easily transfer. Even though it transfers, this tint stays for a quite long time, or I could even say that this tint stays all day long!

Actually Peripera has so many different shades, but I only have shade number 10, Dry Rose Brown. If you want to try or interested on this Peripera Airy Ink Velvet, you can buy it at my Charis Shop. You can simply click HERE. You can get extra discount if you purchase it on my Charis Shop. Happy Shopping!

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  1. I love reading your review!❤❤ @auliaalkaff

  2. Salah satu liptint terrrfavorit ku sejauh ini . Airy ini kalo menurutku formulanya lebih bagus di banding series sebelumnya. Shade 10 di bibir kaka cakep ya. Dulu punya shade ini tapi di bibir ku pucet banget. Kasih ke ade dehh ������ .. anw salam kenal ya

  3. Wahh Gila itu liptin nya aku udh pernah coba. Fix bagus bgt sihhh

  4. Warnanya bagus banget kak dan menurut aku ngga yg light banget finishnya di bibir kakak juga bagus bgt. Aaa jadi pingin beli.

  5. Sungguh karena bukan anak liptint aku tau tp belum pernah cobain peripera ini. Thx for review bebbeb, makin penasaran deh

  6. Waaaaaahh sebagus itukah ,jajdi pengen beli

  7. Hay kakak syantik IG aku ilsa Susanty,sukak bgt �� sama peripera juga nihh karena warnanya yg bagus bisa buat ombre pula uhh.lihat beauty blogger review sama baca2 blognya Kaka jadi pengen deh��.sukses terus ya kakk��

  8. Hai kakak syantik IG aku ilsa susanty.sukak banget sama reviewnya kakak ini jadi pengen punya peripera😍.sukses terus ya kakk

  9. Pgn bgt nyobain liptint peripera ink ini kak, krn kalau dari review kka itu bagus bgt kyknya liptint ini, username ig : qaniarahmadani

  10. Sekilas seperti warna asli bibir .Kayaknya kemasannya nih yg aku kurang greget. Gak nunjukin warna isi produknya. Tapi produknya sendiri ,warnanya cakep .

  11. Pengen cobain ini hwwaaaaa review bagus bagus tapi masih belum keturutan @elelelela_i

  12. Aku gak suka liptint. Tapi begitu cobain ini langsung jatuh cinta tau gak sih

  13. Whoah i love that color. Really soft and natural

  14. Cakep nih warnanya untuk daily ya len💕


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